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Suffragette Poster, .
Torturing Women in Prison: Vote Against the Government
(Portrayer Publishers, reprint, 2003). A modern reproduction of this suffragette poster, originally produced by The National Women's Social and Political Union. Printed with archival inks on premium paper (200 GSM, Silk Art, photographic print). Size of the paper is 450mm x 320mm and image is approx 435mm x 305mm. Poster shows a prison cell in which a woman is being forcibly held down in a chair by a man and a woman, whilst another man pours liquid down a tube into the woman's nose. Written on the prison wall are the words "votes for women". Poster. Brand new, fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-C6877
Keywords: B001F12JES, Portrayer Publishers, suffragettes, suffragette poster, suffragette posters, Votes for Women, woman suffrage, history, women, enfranchisement, franchise, women's movement, politics, England, English, cartoons, suffrage, politics, anti-suffrage, male attitudes, images, imagery, women, women's, representations, pictures, poster, posters, enfranchisement, the franchise, reproductions, modern reproductions, print, prints, torture, force feed, force, feed, feeding, force feeding, forced feeding, forced, forced to eat, WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union, Britain, British, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera
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Pankhurst, Mrs Emmeline.
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst - Portrait: A print, taken from the original, hand-painted oils-on-canvas portrait by D. S Lynn. Commissioned by Portrayer Publishers
(Portrayer Publishers, March 2003). A full colour poster print from the original, hand-painted oils-on-canvas portrait (2003), which has been based upon a black and white photograph, circa 1909. (The photo in question is held by the British Museum). Image size is 18 X 20 inches, with titles extending the print size to 18 x 23 inches. Printed on 120 GSM archival matt art paper, using photo-sensitive inks, for superior imagery and longevity. Image can be supplied, in thumbnail, upon request. (The sample electronic image is watermarked, and reduced in quality, to protect owner's copyright). An elegant and inspirational image, which is believed to be the first representation of Mrs Pankhurst in accurate and faithful colour, in her mid-life. Poster. Fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-F6504
Keywords: B001F3X2HY, posters, prints, Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhursts, women's suffrage, woman suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette movement, women's movement, images, representations, oils, oil-paintings, oil paintings, portraits, Edwardian, portraiture, women's rights, women's history, Britain, British, English, England, social history, suffragists, emancipation, pictures of Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Pankhurst, poster, painting, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera, suffragette posters
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Atkinson, Diane.
The Purple, White and Green: Suffragettes in London, 1906 - 1914
(Museum of London, 1992). This book, which is out-of-print and now seldom seen, examines the merchandising and image-building skills of the suffragettes, who turned fashion and consumerism to political advantage. Supporters could buy jewellery, bicycles, teasets, cigarettes, soap, chocolate and birthday cakes bearing suffragette colours, slogans and insignia. This publication is the exhibition catalogue of "The Purple, White and Green: Suffragettes in London, 1906 - 1914" held at the Museum of London in 1992 - 3 and curated by the author. Paperback. Light soiling to covers, otherwise good. 136pp. Order No. NSBK-C9463
Keywords: 0904818535, London, suffragette, suffragettes, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, Edwardian, purple, white and green, Votes for Women, consumerism, merchandise, merchandising, products, shopping, fashion, social history, insignia, political, women's rights, politics, posters, badges, banners, Museum of London, catalogue, exhibition catalogue, exhibitions, London
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