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Rubinstein, David.
Before the Suffragettes: Women's Emancipation in the 1890s
(The Harvester Press, 1986). Hardback. Scarce. Some brown spotting to page edges, otherwise good+ in dustwrapper. xvi + 272pp. Order No. NSBK-C4560
Keywords: 0710810512, women, women's history, Britain, British, history, England, English, feminists, feminism, emancipation, women's rights, rights for women, law, legal, factories, industry, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, enfranchisement, franchise, disenfranchisement, citizenship, women's movement, votes for women, women's politics, women and politics, 1890s, nineteenth century, Victorian
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Williams, David.
John Frost: A Study in Chartism
(University of Wales Press Board, rpt., 1969). Hardback. Page edges soiled, otherwise good in soiled dustwrapper. viii + 355pp. Order No. NSBK-A10262
Keywords: 0238789403, Chartism, Chartists, People's Charter, Victorian, nineteenth century, 19th, politics, political, franchise, John Frost, Wales, South Wales, Welsh, Westgate, Newport Riot, biography, biographical, biographies, life histories, life history
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Suffragette Poster, .
Torturing Women in Prison: Vote Against the Government
(Portrayer Publishers, reprint, 2003). A modern reproduction of this suffragette poster, originally produced by The National Women's Social and Political Union. Printed with archival inks on premium paper (200 GSM, Silk Art, photographic print). Size of the paper is 450mm x 320mm and image is approx 435mm x 305mm. Poster shows a prison cell in which a woman is being forcibly held down in a chair by a man and a woman, whilst another man pours liquid down a tube into the woman's nose. Written on the prison wall are the words "votes for women". Poster. Brand new, fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-C6877
Keywords: B001F12JES, Portrayer Publishers, suffragettes, suffragette poster, suffragette posters, Votes for Women, woman suffrage, history, women, enfranchisement, franchise, women's movement, politics, England, English, cartoons, suffrage, politics, anti-suffrage, male attitudes, images, imagery, women, women's, representations, pictures, poster, posters, enfranchisement, the franchise, reproductions, modern reproductions, print, prints, torture, force feed, force, feed, feeding, force feeding, forced feeding, forced, forced to eat, WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union, Britain, British, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera
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Pack of 6 Suffragette Greetings Cards, .
Assorted Designs, Suffragette Themes:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2003). Pack of 6 greetings cards (6 different designs) which reproduce attractive images on suffragette themes. The images are printed in vibrant lithographic colours. (Please note that the sample electronic image, unlike the cards themselves, is watermarked with a Naomi Symes Books insignia and reduced in quality, to prevent image theft). Card measurements are 6 inches high by 4 inches wide and each card is complete with cellophane wrapper and envelope. Blank interiors for your own message or for any occasion. Card 1: 'The Cat and Mouse Act', from a WSPU postcard, 1914. Card 2: Emmeline Pankhurst portrait from a modern, hand-painted oil painting, based on a photograph of her c.1909. Card 3: From a poster of 1908: Factory Acts - Regulations for Women. Card 4: 'The Modern Inquisition'. From A WSPU poster, depicting the forcible feeding of suffragettes in prison, from the time of the January 1910 General Election. Card 5: From a Women Writers' Suffrage League poster, 1909, in which justice, personified as a woman, defends the female sex from male prejudice. Card 6: 'The Suffragette 1d Weekly'. From a poster advertising 'The Suffragette' newspaper, c.1912. 6 Greetings Cards. Fine, new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C6628
Keywords: suffrage, suffragette, suffragist, women's rights, Votes for Women, women and politics, women's politics, politics, Britain, British, England, English, history, greeting card, greeting cards, cards, suffragette images, suffragettes, envelopes, suffrage imagery, postcard, postcards, card, picture, pictures, cartoons, art, artist, artists, suffragette art, art, arts, artistry, illustration, illustrations, twentieth century, 20th century, portrayer, portrayer publishers, suffragette greetings cards, greetings card, cat and mouse act, liberals, liberal government, liberal party, pankhursts, pankhurst portraits, Emmeline Pankhurst, The Pankhursts, factory act, factory acts, women workers, woman worker, woman workers, modern inquisition, force feeding, forcible feeding, hunger strike, hunger strikes, prisons, imprisonment, imprisoned, suffragists, women's history, history, women, woman, acts of parliament, parliament, campaign, campaigners, women's rights, votes for women, voter, votes, women voter, woman voter, enfranchisement, enfranchise, The Franchise, colour images, Alfred Pearce, Mary Lowndes, The Suffragette Newspaper, propaganda, propagandists, drawing, drawings, painting, paintings, pankhurst, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera
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Suffragettes, DVD format.
The Suffragettes: the Story of Emmeline Pankhurst
(Pegasus Entertainment, 2006 DVD release of 1994 recording). PAL format DVD. Number of discs: 1. Classification: Exempt. Run Time: 52 minutes. DVD. New, fine condition, in cellophane. pp. Order No. NSBK-C13723
Keywords: B000HLDAG8, Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhursts, feminism, feminists, feminist history, Votes for women, suffragettes, suffrage movement, Britain, British History, Edwardian, women and politics, Women's Social and Political Union, WSPU, England, Britain, history, England, English, British, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, Christabel Pankhurst, E. Sylvia Pankhurst, NUWSS, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, franchise, enfranchisement, Asquith, gender, socialist, socialists, socialism, World War I, First World War, Great War, Annie Kenney, prisons, television programmes, television programme, TV, Christmas gifts, dvds, dvd, DVD, Pegasus Entertainment, teaching aids, suffragette ephemera
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Wallas, Graham.
The Life of Francis Place, 1771-1854:
(George Allen and Unwin, rpt., 1918). Hardback. Pages browned, covers worn, otherwise a good copy. xiv + 415pp. Order No. NSBK-A10349
Keywords: B000HU8TTM, Chartists, Chartist movement, Chartism, radicalism, popular protest, nineteenth century, Victorian, socialism, reform, politics, franchise, votes, suffrage, working class, representation, working-class, classes, radicals, Britain, British, England, English, history, Francis Place, biography, biographies, biographical, life history, life histories, lives, eighteenth century, 18th
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Tingle, Elizabeth C.
Authority and Society in Nantes During the French Wars of Religion, 1558 - 98:
(Manchester University Press, 2006). Studies in Early Modern European History. Hardback. Fine in dustwrapper. x + 230pp. Order No. NSBK-A14615
Keywords: 9780719067266, Studies in Early Modern European History, urban, towns, France, French, Nantes, 16th century, sixteenth century, religion, religious, Valois kings, wars of religion, city, cities, Catholic Church, Catholicism, Henry IV, Catholic League, Reformation, European, Europe
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Frow, Edmund and Ruth.
William Morris in Manchester and Salford:
(Working Class Movement Library, 1996). Paperback. Fine. 28pp. Order No. NSBK-A14081
Keywords: 0952341034, William Morris, Victorian, 19th century, nineteenth century, history, Manchester, Salford, Edmund Frow, Ruth Frow, socialism, socialists, North West, art, Socialist League
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Stewart, Mother (Eliza Daniel).
Memories of the Crusade: a Thrilling Account of the Great Uprising of the Women of Ohio in 1873, Against the Liquor Crime
(Arno Press, 1972 rpt of second edition of 1889). American temperance worker's reminiscences. Hardback. Very good, bright. 535pp. Order No. NSBK-C3552
Keywords: 0405044828, Mother Stewart, American, temperance, women, history, liquor, religion, crusade, United States, Women's Temperance League, Ohio, Christianity, religion
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Lewenhak, Sheila.
Women and Trade Unions: an Outline History of Women in the British Trade Union Movement
(Ernest Benn, 1977). Hardback. Some light speckling at base of boards, otherwise very good in chipped dustwrapper. xi + 308pp. Order No. NSBK-C1982
Keywords: 051000007X, trade union, trade unions, trade unionism, labour, labor, labour history, labor history, Left, women's history, Britain, British, England, English, history, work, workers, working women, skilled labour, unskilled labour, TUC, Women's Trade Union League
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