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Suffragette Postcard, .
Emmeline Pankhurst, 1858 - 1928:
(B. Matthews, Brighouse, Yorkshire, no date). This postcard is NOT an original from the suffragette era, but dates from the 1960s or 1970s. The image of Emmeline is from the painting by Georgina Brackenbury, National Portrait Gallery, 1927. The card has not been posted. Short message in ink to the rear. Wear and a little creasing to corners, some browning & spotting to rear, otherwise very good. pp. Order No. NSBK-C14836
Keywords: suffragette ephemera, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, politics, political, rights, women's rights, women's movement, Votes for Women, woman, women's history, women's studies, women's suffrage, woman's suffrage, Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhursts, portraits, portrait, National Portrait Gallery, heroines, suffragette postcards
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Beilharz, Peter, Nyland, Chris, eds.
The Webbs, Fabianism and Feminism:
(Ashgate Publishing, 1998). Hardback. Very good+. vi + 176pp. Order No. NSBK-C8705
Keywords: 184014307X, The Webbs, Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, Fabianism, feminism, feminists, socialism, Fabian Women's Group, women's history, Britain, British, England, English, history, rights of women, Women's Movement, National Standard for Manual Handling, Marxism, sociology, sociological, New Statesman
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Groves, Derek.
The Roof of Africa on Wheels:
(Alfresco Books, 1999). Commentary by Jon Amos. Foreword by Chris Bonnington. Jon Amos became a paraplegic following a road accident when just 17. Since then he has advanced the awareness of what a person with a disability can achieve by the challenges he has personally undertaken, raising thousands of pounds for charity in the process. In 1998 he attained an altitude record by someone in a wheelchair - 16,040 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro. This book vividly describes the preparation and actual ascent by Jon and the team. With a fascinating selection of colour photographs, this story of Jon's grit and determination, and the dedicated teamwork of those who accompanied him, makes inspiring reading. Paperback. Fine. 104pp. Order No. NSBK-A6269
Keywords: 1873727119, Africa, African, Derek Groves, Alfresco Books, Jon Amos, Chris Bonnington, wheelchairs, mountains, mountaineering, disabilities, disability, teamwork, climbing, Mount Kilimanjaro, twentieth century, paraplegics, paraplegic sports, Moshi International School, Moshi Club, Tanzania, wheelchair sport, British Wheelchair Sports Foundation, Marangu Gate, Tanzanian National Parks, TANAPA, Arusha, Mkombozi Street Kids Project, Kishari Orphanage, Mandara Hut, Brice Bennett's Trekking Lodge, Horombo, Kibo, Mwereni Primary School, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, KCMC, Arusha National Park, Ngurdoto Crater, Momella Lodge, Poverty Africa, Cyclone Wheelchairs
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Gorman, Daniel.
Imperial Citizenship: Empire and the Question of Belonging
(Manchester University Press, 2006). Hardback. Brand new, fine in dustwrapper. xi + 243pp. Order No. NSBK-A14636
Keywords: 9780719075292, imperial citizenship, Empire, history, belonging, imperialism, Britain, British, England, English, United Kingdom, UK, colonies, colonialism, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, national identity, Great War, Boer War, Lionel Curtis, John Buchan, Arnold White, Richard Jebb, Thomas Sedgwick, India, emigration, immigration
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Suffragette Postcard, Original Real Photographic.
Amendment Float. Suffragettes' Parade: March 3rd 1913. Washington DC
(I. & M. Ottenheimer, Baltimore, MD, 1913). An original real photographic postcard for collectors of original suffragette / Votes for Women memorabilia. On March 3, 1913, the National American Woman Suffrage Association - NAWSA - organised a woman suffrage parade and demonstration in Washington DC. (Pennsylvania Avenue). It was timed to coordinate with Woodrow Wilson's presidential inauguration, the following day. The marchers were jeered and attacked, and had to fight their way through the mob, and the resulting publicity focused the country's attention on the issue of Woman Suffrage. This is an original, contemporary postcard, issued at the time. A horse-drawn float carries the words: "We Demand an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Enfranchising the Women of the Country". A suffragette rides alongside on a white horse, and crowds of bystanders watch the float go by, from underneath a marquee / cloth verandah. On the back of the card, there's a handwritten contemporary message in ink. There was about four hundred thousand people on the avenue that day. There are 325,000 population in this city [Washington], and we had about 300,000 visitors". The card has not been posted and there is no stamp or postmark. Published by I. & M. Ottenheimer, Baltimore, MD. Front of card is somewhat soiled, with wear to edges and corners. There's a large round coffee stain to the top right, a small crease bottom left, and a few light scratches. Rear is browned with a little brown staining top edge. Otherwise the card is in good condition. Electronic image has been watermarked with the word "protected", to prevent image theft. This, of course, is not present on the card itself. Front of card is somewhat soiled, with wear to edges & corners. Large round coffee stain top right, crease bottom left, & a few scratches. Rear browned. Browning top edge. Good. pp. Order No. NSBK-A14967
Keywords: USA, Washington, American, United States of America, parades, processions, history, floats, suffragettes, Votes for Women, suffragette, National American Woman Suffrage Association, NAWSA, demonstrations, women's history, antiquarian, original suffragette ephemera, suffragette postcards
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Steen, Duncan and Soames, Nicholas.
The Essential Englishman: An Anthology
(Cassell, 1989). Paperback. Cover slightly creased, otherwise very good+. 224pp. Order No. NSBK-A11154
Keywords: 0304340472, Britain, British, England, English, history, United Kingdom, UK, anthology, anthologies, Englishness, gentlemen, gentleman, national identity
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Whelan, Robert, ed. (Octavia Hill).
Octavia Hill's Letters to Fellow-Workers, 1872 - 1911: Together with an Account of the Walmer Street Industrial Experiment
(Kyrle Books, 2005). Hardback. Fine in fine dustwrapper. lxiv + 784pp. Order No. NSBK-A8671
Keywords: 0954891406, letters, correspondence, Octavia Hill, Octavia Hill's letters, fellow workers, fellow-workers, letters to fellow-workers, autobiography, autobiographical, social history, housing, houses, philanthropic, philanthropy, Victorian, Edwardian, twentieth century, 20th century, nineteenth century, 19th century, women, women's history, Walmer Street Industrial Experiment, tenants, Charity Organisation Society, poor, poverty, social welfare, open spaces, National Trust, reformers, reform, slums, slum, London, Lambeth, Walworth, charity, charities, charity work, Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Kyrle Society, homes, dwellings, Britain, British, England, English
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Cherry, Steven.
Medical Services and the Hospitals in Britain, 1860-1939:
(CUP, 1996). News Studies in Economic and Social History. Paperback. Very good+. vii + 93pp. Order No. NSBK-A7715
Keywords: 0521577845, medical, medicine, health, hospitals, sickness, disabled, disablement, nurses, doctors, mortality, voluntary, poor law, local authority, local authorities, wars, First World War, Great War, World War 1, I, National Health Service, population, deaths, death rates, infant mortality
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Wedin, Carolyn.
Inheritors of the Spirit: Mary White Ovington and the Founding of the NAACP
(John Wiley & Sons, 1998). Foreword by David Levering Lewis. Hardback. Very good in dustwrapper. xv + 367pp. Order No. NSBK-C10243
Keywords: 0471168386, American, USA, United States, USA, Civil Rights Movement, civil rights, black history, Mary White Ovingham, NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Victorian, nineteenth century, 19th, feminism, feminists, race, racism, slavery, class
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Summerfield, Penny and Peniston-Bird, Corinna.
Contesting Home Defence: Men, Women and the Home Guard in the Second World War
(MUP, 2007). Cultural History of Modern War Series. Paperback. Fine, as new. xviii + 307pp. Order No. NSBK-C14504
Keywords: 0719062020, home guard, Britain, British, England, English, history, United Kingdom, UK, home defence, World War II, Second World War, Dad's Army, oral history, women, Blitz, national identity
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