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Raeburn, Antonia.
The Suffragette View:
(David & Charles, 1976). Hardback. Very good in slightly rubbed dustwrapper. 95pp. Order No. NSBK-C2222
Keywords: 0715370340, women's politics,politics, suffrage, suffragette, suffragism, Edwardian, Votes for Women, women's rights, the Women's Movement, Britain, British, England, English, history, women's history
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Pankhurst, Christabel, ed..
The Suffragette: the Official Organ of the Women's Social and Political Union. (Original Suffragette Newspaper). Cover picture: Forcible Feeding. Britannia
(Issue No 71: Vol II, February 20th 1914). Articles include: Forcible Feeding; Concerning Damaged Goods by Christabel Pankhurst; Why Women Want the Vote by Mildred Mansel; The Doctors' Responsibility; Do the Government Intend to Murder Mrs Pankhurst?. Hardback. Pages slightly browned, fore edge slightly raggy. Two small 1inch tears to lower edge, & 1 tiny hole at spine. Minor crayon annotation to top of cover, else very good. 24pp. Order No. NSBK-C15520
Keywords: suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, politics, political, rights, women's rights, women's movement, Votes for Women, woman, women's history, women's studies, women's suffrage, woman's suffrage, Christabel Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst, militancy, militants, protests, Britain, British, England, English, history, United Kingdom, UK, suffragette ephemera, suffragette newspapers, original, suffragette newspaper
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Portrayer Reproductions, .
Replica Rectangular Votes for Women Suffragette Badge:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2018). Rectangular, and measuring 3.5cm by 3cm, this badge is one of the larger and heavier ones in our collection. It's presented with a complimentary purple velvet pouch in an attractive silver-backed gift bag, and makes the perfect gift. (Particularly for any woman with a mind of her own!) The original badge from the suffragette era was glass-faced and contained woven fabric in the three suffragette colours. Therefore, the reproduction here has been created in transparent metallic enamels to give the idea of glass, and it also displays a downward gold-plated 'striping' to give the woven effect. The badge is secured at the back with two rubber butterfly-clutches. Badge. Brand new, fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15568
Keywords: B07KFHH5LY, badge, Christmas gifts, jewellery, jewelry, woman suffrage, button badge, pin backs, pinback, suffragette era, suffragettes, women, women's history, woman, woman's history, history, social history, Britain, British history, England, English history, WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union, enamel badges, suffragette jewellery, suffragette jewelry, Edwardian, brooch, brooches, Portrayer Publishers, suffragette ephemera, pins
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Atkinson, Diane.
The Purple, White and Green: Suffragettes in London, 1906 - 1914
(Museum of London, 1992). This book, which is out-of-print and now seldom seen, examines the merchandising and image-building skills of the suffragettes, who turned fashion and consumerism to political advantage. Supporters could buy jewellery, bicycles, teasets, cigarettes, soap, chocolate and birthday cakes bearing suffragette colours, slogans and insignia. This publication is the exhibition catalogue of "The Purple, White and Green: Suffragettes in London, 1906 - 1914" held at the Museum of London in 1992 - 3 and curated by the author. Paperback. Light soiling to covers, otherwise good. 136pp. Order No. NSBK-C9463
Keywords: 0904818535, London, suffragette, suffragettes, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, Edwardian, purple, white and green, Votes for Women, consumerism, merchandise, merchandising, products, shopping, fashion, social history, insignia, political, women's rights, politics, posters, badges, banners, Museum of London, catalogue, exhibition catalogue, exhibitions, London
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Rubinstein, David.
Before the Suffragettes: Women's Emancipation in the 1890s
(Harvester Press, 1986). Paperback. Spine slightly creased, light soiling to covers and page edges, otherwise very good. xvi + 272pp. Order No. NSBK-A14626
Keywords: 0710811802, women, women's history, Britain, British, history, England, English, feminists, feminism, emancipation, women's rights, rights for women, law, legal, factories, industry, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, enfranchisement, franchise, disenfranchisement, citizenship, women's movement, votes for women, women's politics, women and politics, 1890s, nineteenth century, Victorian
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Muir, Kate.
Suffragette City:
(Pan Books, rpt., 1999). Paperback. Ex library with usual library stamps and stickers, spine creased, otherwise good. 314pp. Order No. NSBK-C7085
Keywords: 0330389718, novels, fiction, women writers, woman writer, female, Kate Muir, suffragettes, suffrage, feminism, feminists, women's rights, women's writing, emancipation, New York, Manhattan, America, USA, American, United States of America, being single
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Pankhurst, Emmeline.
Reproduction Suffragette Medal: Emmeline Pankhurst's Holloway Medal
(Portrayer Publishers, 2015). Beautiful suffragette replica medal, a faithful reproduction of the original one awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst after her imprisonment in Holloway prison in 1908. She was charged together with her daughter Christabel Pankhurst, and Flora Drummond (fellow members of the Women's Social and Political Union), with inciting a rush on the House of Commons. The verdict was guilty, and because they refused to pay a fine, they were sent to Holloway Gaol. The date engraved on the front (obverse) of the medal is 8 October 1908 (on a bar at the top), and this is the date of the incident which led to Mrs Pankhurst's imprisonment. The word "Holloway" appears on the bar at the top, and on the medallion itself: "H.2 4", which signifies (Hospital block, 2nd floor, cell 4). On the reverse of the medallion, the words 'Mrs Pankhurst' are engraved, surrounded by a laurel wreath. These details are all true to the original medal of the suffragette era. Materials: Grosgrain ribbon in the famous suffragette colours of purple, white and green (vertical strips). Skin-safe, environmentally-friendly nickel with antique-effect silver plating for an authentic "aged-look". With a safe, secure pin-clasp at the rear. Presented with a free purple velvet gift-pouch which is in turn displayed within an attractive zip-lock gift-bag, clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Dimensions: Medallion: 20mm diameter. Bars: 20mm X 5mm. Ribbon length: 75mm. Total medal length: 110mm. Excellent condition, brand new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15429
Keywords: women's suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette ephemera, replica, reproduction, Mrs Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst, prisons, protest, gaols, jails, criminal justice system, law, medals, medallions, Holloway Prison, Edwardian, woman suffrage, England, London, English, Britain, British, social history, women and politics, political, Votes for Women campaign, women's movement, emblems
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Hause, Steven C.
Hubertine Auclert: The French Suffragette
(Yale University Press, 1987). Hardback. Very good in dustwrapper. 268pp. Order No. NSBK-C7515
Keywords: 0300038453, France, French, Europe, Europeans, history, women, women's history, women's movement, women's rights, rights for women, Women's suffrage, politics, political, Victorian, nineteenth century, 19th, 20th, twentieth, Edwardian, Hubertine Auclert, feminism, feminists, Paris, Parisian, suffragettes, votes for women, biography, biographical, biographies, life histories, lives, life history, enfranchisement, woman suffrage
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Barnes, Annie with Harding, Kate & Gibbs, C.
Tough Annie: From Suffragette to Stepney Councillor
(Stepney Books, 1980). Scarce. Paperback. Light soiling to back cover, otherwise very good. 69pp. Order No. NSBK-A13046
Keywords: 0950524131, Stepney, suffrage, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette, councillor, women councillors, autobiography, suffragette autobiography, East London, Sylvia Pankhurst, Labour Party, working class, working classes, Britain, British, England, English, history, Votes for Women, Charity Organisation Society
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Edwards, Louise and Roces Mina eds.
Women's Suffrage in Asia:
(RoutledgeCurzon, rpt. 2012). Paperback. Fine. ix + 253pp. Order No. NSBK-C15332
Keywords: 9780415653312
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