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Reproduction Suffragette Badge / Brooch, .
Votes for Women Suffragette Chains - Modern Replica Suffragette Badge / Brooch: WSPU
(Portrayer Publishers, 2013). High-quality. Votes for Women Suffragette Chains. Attractive, circular plated gold-coloured metal brooch / badge with firm safety-pin fitment at the rear for affixing to clothes. A faithful reproduction of the original. Badge design is white chains and white lettering "WSPU" (which stands for the Women's Social and Political Union) and white wording "Votes for Women" on a purple and green background. 25mm in diameter. Presented in an attractive zip-gift-bag which is clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Brand new in fine condition. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15415
Keywords: Votes For Women, suffrage, woman suffrage, pins, badge, badges, pin back, pinbacks, suffragette, suffragettes, suffragists, women, women's history, social history, Britain, British, England, English, WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union, jewellery, jewelry, brooch, brooches, Edwardian, women's movement, Britain, British, England, English, Portrayer Publishers, suffragette ephemera, chains
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Maclean, Catherine Macdonald.
Born Under Saturn: A Biography of William Hazlitt
(Collins, 1943). Hardback. Some foxing to first few pages, spine edges bumped and covers slightly soiled, otherwise good in soiled, torn and sellotaped dustwrapper. 629pp. Order No. NSBK-A11947
Keywords: B0007IUS0W, Britain, British, England, English, history, United Kingdom, UK, politics, political, politicians, government, Victorian, Victorian period, nineteenth century, 19th, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, politics, political, autobiography, autobiographies, autobiographical, life history, life histories, lives, life, memoirs. self history, self histories
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Harrison, Shirley.
Sylvia Pankhurst: A Crusading Life 1882-1960
(Aurum Press, 2003). Hardback. Small stain on top front edge and top of dustwrapper, otherwise very good. viii + 291pp. Order No. NSBK-D7899
Keywords: 9781854109057, Pankhursts, Pugh, politics, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, militants, Edwardian, twentieth century, 20th, Sylvia, Christabel, women's history, Emmeline, the vote, women's rights, the women's movement, emancipation, woman, woman's, womans
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Neuman, Nancy, ed.
A Voice of Our Own: Leading American Women Celebrate the Right to Vote
(Jossey-Bass, 1996). Foreword by Becky Cain, President League of Women Voters of the United States. Hardback. Very good in dustwrapper. xix + 265pp. Order No. NSBK-C4429
Keywords: 0787902314, America, American, United States, USA, vote, voting, enfranchisement, disenfranchisement, women's rights, rights of women, women's movement, feminism, feminist, feminists, suffrage, suffragist, suffragists, citizenship, equality, democracy, discrimination, voter, voters, equal opportunity, equal opportunities, women's history, woman, native Americans, twentieth century
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Pankhurst, Mrs Emmeline.
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst - Portrait: A print, taken from the original, hand-painted oils-on-canvas portrait by D. S Lynn. Commissioned by Portrayer Publishers
(Portrayer Publishers, March 2003). A full colour poster print from the original, hand-painted oils-on-canvas portrait (2003), which has been based upon a black and white photograph, circa 1909. (The photo in question is held by the British Museum). Image size is 18 X 20 inches, with titles extending the print size to 18 x 23 inches. Printed on 120 GSM archival matt art paper, using photo-sensitive inks, for superior imagery and longevity. Image can be supplied, in thumbnail, upon request. (The sample electronic image is watermarked, and reduced in quality, to protect owner's copyright). An elegant and inspirational image, which is believed to be the first representation of Mrs Pankhurst in accurate and faithful colour, in her mid-life. Poster. Fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-F6504
Keywords: B001F3X2HY, posters, prints, Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhursts, women's suffrage, woman suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette movement, women's movement, images, representations, oils, oil-paintings, oil paintings, portraits, Edwardian, portraiture, women's rights, women's history, Britain, British, English, England, social history, suffragists, emancipation, pictures of Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Pankhurst, poster, painting, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera, suffragette posters
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Pack of 6 Suffragette Greetings Cards, .
Assorted Designs, Suffragette Themes:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2003). Pack of 6 greetings cards (6 different designs) which reproduce attractive images on suffragette themes. The images are printed in vibrant lithographic colours. (Please note that the sample electronic image, unlike the cards themselves, is watermarked with a Naomi Symes Books insignia and reduced in quality, to prevent image theft). Card measurements are 6 inches high by 4 inches wide and each card is complete with cellophane wrapper and envelope. Blank interiors for your own message or for any occasion. Card 1: 'The Cat and Mouse Act', from a WSPU postcard, 1914. Card 2: Emmeline Pankhurst portrait from a modern, hand-painted oil painting, based on a photograph of her c.1909. Card 3: From a poster of 1908: Factory Acts - Regulations for Women. Card 4: 'The Modern Inquisition'. From A WSPU poster, depicting the forcible feeding of suffragettes in prison, from the time of the January 1910 General Election. Card 5: From a Women Writers' Suffrage League poster, 1909, in which justice, personified as a woman, defends the female sex from male prejudice. Card 6: 'The Suffragette 1d Weekly'. From a poster advertising 'The Suffragette' newspaper, c.1912. 6 Greetings Cards. Fine, new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C6628
Keywords: suffrage, suffragette, suffragist, women's rights, Votes for Women, women and politics, women's politics, politics, Britain, British, England, English, history, greeting card, greeting cards, cards, suffragette images, suffragettes, envelopes, suffrage imagery, postcard, postcards, card, picture, pictures, cartoons, art, artist, artists, suffragette art, art, arts, artistry, illustration, illustrations, twentieth century, 20th century, portrayer, portrayer publishers, suffragette greetings cards, greetings card, cat and mouse act, liberals, liberal government, liberal party, pankhursts, pankhurst portraits, Emmeline Pankhurst, The Pankhursts, factory act, factory acts, women workers, woman worker, woman workers, modern inquisition, force feeding, forcible feeding, hunger strike, hunger strikes, prisons, imprisonment, imprisoned, suffragists, women's history, history, women, woman, acts of parliament, parliament, campaign, campaigners, women's rights, votes for women, voter, votes, women voter, woman voter, enfranchisement, enfranchise, The Franchise, colour images, Alfred Pearce, Mary Lowndes, The Suffragette Newspaper, propaganda, propagandists, drawing, drawings, painting, paintings, pankhurst, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera
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Mary Ashton Rice Livermore, .
Bookplate portrait of Mary Rice Livermore, A4 size:
(n.p., n.d.). American suffragist and reformer who saw the vote for women as integral to ameliorating social ills. She also protested against slavery and wrote for various religious and reform periodicals. Bookplate portrait. Very good. 1pp. Order No. NSBK-C4179
Keywords: Mary Ashton Rice Livermore, picture, pictures, American, USA, suffragettes, suffragists, Massachusetts, Kansas, United States of America, Votes for Women, abolition, abolitionists, slavery, women, history, nineteenth century
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Black, Clementina, ed.
Married Women's Work:
(Virago, 1983 reprint of 1915 text). Important text for women's history. Scarce. Introduction by Ellen F. Mappen. Paperback. Spine faded, otherwise good+. xxiv + 290pp. Order No. NSBK-C3740
Keywords: 0860684105, married women, work, industry, Women's Industrial Council, wages, employment, working conditions, family, poverty, Clementina Black, suffragists, suffragist, suffrage, Votes for Women, suffragettes, Britain, England, English, Britain, economic, social history, Viragos, Virago
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NUWSS Supporters' Badge, Suffragist Suffragette.
Enamel Reproduction NUWSS Suffragist Suffragette Stick-Pin Badge / Brooch:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2018). NUWSS Supporters' Badge. Enamel Reproduction NUWSS Suffragette Stick-Pin Badge / Brooch, a Faithful Replica of the Original By Portrayer Publishers. High-quality modern reproduction enamel badge, brand new. Size: Badge circle diameter: 22mm. Length - badge and stick pin together -55mm. This badge is a replica of an original of the period, an enamel badge issued by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, NUWSS, displaying the organisation's official colours of red, white and green. The text reads: National Union of Womens Suffrage Societies Constitutional Non Party. Attaches to clothes safely by the stick-pin, the bottom of which - the bell cap - pushes on firmly. The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, NUWSS, also known as the Suffragists, was an organisation of women's suffrage societies in the United Kingdom. The organisation was democratic, and devoted itself to achieving women's suffrage - the Vote for Women - through peaceful and legal means. The badge / brooch comes with a free attractive purple velvet gift pouch. Presented within a lovely gift bag which is clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Brand new, excellent condition. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15560
Keywords: Christmas gifts, jewellery, jewelry, woman suffrage, button badge, pin back, badges, pinback, suffragette era, pins, suffragettes, suffragist activity, suffragists, women, women's history, woman, history, social history, Britain, British history, England, English history, NUWSS, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, enamel badges, suffragette jewellery, suffragette jewelry, brooch, brooches, women's movement, Portrayer Publishers, suffragette ephemera, replica, reproduction
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Pankhurst, E. Sylvia.
The Life of Emmeline Pankhurst: The Suffragette Struggle for Women's Citizenship
(T. Werner Laurie, 1st edition, 1935). Hardback. A little darkening and marking to cloth. Lacks fly leaf, otherwise good. 180pp. Order No. NSBK-A14023
Keywords: B0006DE69M, Pankhurst, Pankhursts, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, politics, political, rights, women's rights, women's movement, Votes for Women, woman, women's history, women's studies, women's suffrage, woman's suffrage, first editions, 1st editions, Emmeline Pankhurst, biographies, biography, Sylvia Pankhurst
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