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Paterson, Donald and Smith, J. Forest.
Modern Methods of Feeding in Infancy and Childhood:
(Constable, 7th edition, reprint, 1942). Hardback. Boards slightly bowed / soiled, with some splitting internally at binding, otherwise a good working copy. 219pp. Order No. NSBK-A7703
Keywords: infancy, childhood, children, infants, feeding, mothers, maternity, motherhood, breast feeding, history, infant foods, medicine, medical, health, sick children, breast milk, artificial feeding, Britain, British, England, English, social history, twentieth century, advice books, diets, baby, babies, bringing up babies
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Greenall, R.L.
The Making of Victorian Salford:
(Carnegie Publishing, 2000). Paperback. Edges soiled, otherwise good+. viii + 376pp. Order No. NSBK-A4545
Keywords: 1859360777, Salford, Manchester, Victorian, England, English, Britain, British, nineteenth century, history, social history, urban, industry, industrial, cotton, textiles, mills, factories, factory system, textile, towns, urbanisation
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Ayers, Gwendoline M.
England's First State Hospitals and the Metropolitan Asylums Board, 1867-1930:
(Wellcome Institute, 1971). Hardback. Blue cloth slightly marked, otherwise very good and crisp in slightly soiled, browned, chipped dustwrapper. xxv + 370pp. Order No. NSBK-A3935
Keywords: 0854840060, hospital, medicine, nursing, nurse, state, Metropolitan Asylums Board, madness, lunacy, insanity, mental hospital, health, mental health, nineteenth century, Victorian, sick, twentieth century, Britian, British, England, English, history, welfare state, social welfare, philanthropy, doctor, Poor Law, public health, medical, diseases
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Muir, Richard.
The Villages of England:
(BCA, 1992). With many photographs. Hardback. Very good in dustwrapper. 224pp. Order No. NSBK-A4547
Keywords: 0500015295, village, village life, villages, countryside, rural, history, community, communities, farming, farms, Britain, British, England, English, social history
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Cameron, W. McD and Pleasance, Peggy.
Education in Movement: School Gymnastics
(Basil Blackwell, rpt, 1967). Hardback. Good in slightly torn dustwrapper. viii + 56pp. Order No. NSBK-A6581
Keywords: 063195340X, physical education, P.E., social history, 1960s, sixties, schools, education, schooling, Britain, British, England, English, teachers, teaching, teaching methods, apparatus, activities, gym, gymnastics, movement, health, physical activity, childhood, children, lessons, lesson plans, floorwork, how to teach gymnastics
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Waugh, Thomas.
The Clarion or the Bible:
(Charles H. Kelly, 2nd edit., n.d.). In this scarce period source, Thomas Waugh attacks the Clarion Movement and in particular Robert Blatchford himself, whom he describes as "The Infidel". In the name of "Christian workers who have in the past sympathised with pure socialism", Waugh sets out to win back the hearts and minds of working men "whom 'The Clarion' has hit". Hardback. Small, some ink scorings on pg edges & 1st page of chapter 1 only, otherwise very good with gilt decorated boards. 136pp. Order No. NSBK-A5246
Keywords: B0008BTIQS, Clarion Club, Clarion Clubs, history, social history, bible, religious, scripture, temperance, socialism, socialist, socialists, Britain, British, England, English, Clarion Movement, socialist movements, Robert Blatchford, religion, Thomas Waugh, Rev Thomas Waugh, workers, working classes, Christian, Christian socialism, Christians, Christian socialists, infidelity, atheism
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Symes, Ruth A.
It Runs in the Family:
(The History Press, 2013). In the quest to uncover our family history, we turn to written records, the family album and even heirlooms. However, they can often be difficult to interpret and sometimes pose more questions than they answer: Why didn't my ancestors smile for the camera? Why did great-grandfather wear a beard while his sons were clean-shaven? Why is my great-grandmother holding flowers in this photograph? Drawing on evidence from social history, women's history, and the histories of photography, art and fashion, and using examples from the lowly as well as the famous, Ruth Symes explores many aspects of ordinary life in the past - from the state of the nation's teeth, to the legal and economic connotations of wearing a wedding ring and even the business of keeping a dog. This fascinating volume aims to help family historians get to know their elusive ancestors by deciphering the wealth of personal and historical clues contained in photographs, documents and artefacts. Paperback. New book, fine. 160pp. Order No. NSBK-D15428
Keywords: 9780752497020, family history, family, families, Ruth Symes, genealogy, geneaolgical, social history, evidence, sources, research, women, old photographs, photography
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Mayhew, Henry.
The Morning Chronicle Survey of Labour and the Poor: The Metropolitan Districts. Volume 3
(Caliban Books, 1981). Paperback. Spine lightly browned, otherwise very good. 277pp. Order No. NSBK-A13116
Keywords: 0904573222, Victorian, 1850, 19th century, nineteenth century, labour, poor, poverty, Henry Mayhew, social surveys, social investigations, sanitation, oral history, wages, sweated labour, poor law, employment, work, thieves, theft, robbery, London, tramps, vagrancy, lodging houses, housing, food, earnings, child labour, boot and shoe trade, beggars, asylums, clothes, boot and shoe makers
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Black, Clementina.
A New Way of Housekeeping:
(W. Collins, 1st edition, 1918). Rare first edition copy of this ground-breaking work. For the collector. Women employed in housekeeping; changes in domestic standards; why not be servantless?; the distaste for domestic service; labour-making houses; domestic federations; reconstructed domestic service; the motor as emancipator; waste of labour; women who do domestic work without aptitude or satisfaction; service of women needed by the country. Clementina Black urges a reorganisation of household duties, in order to free women from domestic drudgery. In her utopian vision of 'co-operative housekeeping', women would be released from the wasted effort of housework and made available for the labour market, which was now so very depleted of men after the Great War. She criticises the 'stupidity' of 'labour-making houses', and questions the continuing validity of the employment of domestic servants in the modern age. Her solution is to propose the formation of 'domestic federations'. These would represent committees of householders who would collectively manage their domestic arrangements in a centre 'fitted up with store places, kitchens, dining-rooms, offices, and lodgings for a nucleus of resident servants'. Hardback. Original cloth covered in small dark and white blotches, corners worn and spine split, text firm. A good working copy only. 132pp. Order No. NSBK-C4960
Keywords: Great War, First World War, World War I, social history, class, middle classes, middle class, domesticity, servants, domestic servants, maid, maids, housemaids, housekeeping, Clementina Black, labour-making houses, homes, houses, domestic service, twentieth century, interwar, inter-war, inter war, Homes for Heroes, housing, domestic standards, etiquette, women, domestic work, labour, working women, women's history, chores, co-operative housekeeping, domestic federations, cooperative housekeeping, co-operatives, co-operation, cooperation, Women's Industrial Council, labour-saving, labour market, labor, labour shortage, housework, utopianism, utopian, stored with antiquarian
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Hill, Octavia.
Thirty Years' Work.
(Privately Printed). Octavia Hill's Letters to Fellow Workers were printed for private circulation to her supporters. She preferred to write to supporters individually, but by the 1870s the scope and scale of her work made this impossible. The importance of the Letters is that they cover the whole range of her activities: housing (including her work for the Ecclesiastical Commissioners), open spaces (including the founding of the National Trust), cultural philanthropy, the Women's University Settlement, the Poor Law Commission and the founding of the Cadets. Octavia disliked publicising her work, except in so far as she had to appeal for funds. The Letters therefore contain detailed information about way in which she handled the various aspects of her work that are not available elsewhere. The volume Thirty Years' Work is a bound collection of all of Octavia Hill's Letters to her Fellow Workers between 1872 (the first letter) and 1900. There are twenty-eight letters as one letter covers 1884 and 1885. All letters contain the accounts for the year apart from that for 1877. Also included in the volume are the two accounts of the Walmer Street Industrial Experiment (1871 & 1872). Copies of the Letters are extremely rare and copies of the reports of the Walmer Street Industrial Experiment even rarer. The letters take the form of simple paper pamphlets of between eight and twenty pages. A number of the letters are inscribed in Octavia's hand to her sister Gertrude who in 1875 had married Charles Lewes, the son of George Henry Lewes and stepson of George Eliot. Page size: 185mm x 120mm. Volume bound in attractive blue boards 190mm x 120mm. Further details and images available on request. Hardback. A small number of sheets - three or four - have become detached from the stitching. Internally the spine is pulling away / partially detached - otherwise good, in attractive blue boards. . Order No. NSBK-C15626
Keywords: social history, housing, Octavia Hill, dwellings, philanthropy, the poor, poverty, Victorian, England, town planning, urban history, open spaces, Britain, England, British, English, history, Octavia Hill's letters, nineteenth century, papers, works, garden cities, period sources, pamphlets, booklets, Women's University Settlement, Cadets, Poor Law Commission, Walmer Street Industrial Experiment, Gertrude Hill, Gertrude Lewes, inscribed, inscriptions, association items, antiquarian
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