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Black, Clementina.
A New Way of Housekeeping:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2004 facsimile of 1918 text). Clementina Black (1854 - 1922) was a campaigner committed to improving the plight of working women. In this work of 1918, she urges a reorganisation of household duties, in order to free women from domestic drudgery. In her utopian vision of 'co-operative housekeeping', women would be released from the wasted effort of housework and made available for the labour market, which was now so very depleted of men after the Great War. She criticises the 'stupidity' of 'labour-making houses', and questions the continuing validity of the employment of domestic servants in the modern age. Her solution is to propose the formation of 'domestic federations'. These would represent committees of householders who would collectively manage their domestic arrangements in a centre 'fitted up with store places, kitchens, dining-rooms, offices, and lodgings for a nucleus of resident servants'. Examples of material included: women employed in housekeeping; changes in domestic standards; why not be servantless?; the distaste for domestic service; labour-making houses; domestic federations; reconstructed domestic service; the motor as emancipator; waste of labour; women who do domestic work without aptitude or satisfaction; service of women needed by the country. Paperback. New book, fine. x + 132pp. Order No. NSBK-C7548
Keywords: 0954476123, Great War, First World War, World War I, social history, class, middle classes, middle class, domesticity, servants, domestic servants, maid, maids, housemaids, housekeeping, Clementina Black, labour-making houses, homes, houses, domestic service, twentieth century, interwar, inter-war, inter war, Homes for Heroes, housing, domestic standards, etiquette, women, domestic work, labour, working women, women's history, chores, co-operative housekeeping, domestic federations, cooperative housekeeping, co-operatives, co-operation, cooperation, Women's Industrial Council, labour-saving, labour market, labor, labour shortage, housework, utopianism, utopian, Portrayer, Portrayer Publishers, Portrayer reprints, Portrayer facsimiles, new titles
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Robertson, Constance Noyes.
Oneida Community: The Breakup, 1876-1881
(Syracuse UP, 1972). Hardback. Ex library with usual library stamps and stickers, fly leaf clipped, otherwise good in soiled dustwrapper. 327pp. Order No. NSBK-A5703
Keywords: Oneida Community, America, American, Victorian, New York, Bible Communism, religion, religious, complex marriage, Noyes, community, clergy, Constance Noyes Robertson, 0815600860, USA, United States of America, utopian communities, utopias, utopianism
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Lockwood, George B.
The New Harmony Movement:
(Augustus M. Kelley, 1970 reprint of 1905 text). Hardback. Very good. xvi + 404pp. Order No. NSBK-A7864
Keywords: 0678006679, New Harmony, Owenite, Owenites, Frances Wright, Fanny Wright, Robert Dale Owen, utopianism, utopia, utopian, utopias, social utopias, harmony, New Harmony, New Harmony Movement, history, New Moral World, Robert Owen, experiments, experimental living, utopian communities, community, Augustus M. Kelley reprints, education, Rappites, Rappite, America, American, USA, United States of America, Indiana, William Maclure, Pestalozzi, schools, schooling
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